H.P.C. & S.E.'s integrated approach separates us from the competition and helps our company maintain itself as the leader in Dallas based installations. Personal attention, competitive prices, effective results, and creative solutions give our clients a satisfied feeling for years to come, just read a few of our testimonials.


Dallas's Top Home Builders that we are proud to work with:

• Alan Nixon
• Bob Thompson Homes
• Bordeaux Custom Builders
• Cooper Homes, Inc
• Cy Barcus Homes
• D Michaels Custom Homes
• Darnell & Associates
• Desco Custom Homes
• Deskin Homes
The Ed Jarret Company
• Ellerman Custom Homes
kienast homes
• George Lewis Custom Homes
• Gage Homes Inc
• Gilbert Custom Homes
Steve Snider Inc
• Jerry Stark Companies
• Jim Dauterman, Inc.
• Jim Lake Companies
• Manning & Snelling, Inc.
• Mark Clifton Homes
• McClure Brothers

• Milligan Stewart Design



• Nickey Oates Company
• Richard Dietrichson Fine Homes
• RS Lawrence LLC
• Sebastian & Associates
• Sharif Munir
• Steven Hild Custom Builder
• Steve Hughes

 •Summit custom homes

•Tommy Ford Construction

A personal touch:

By having an entertainment center professionally installed and programmed to your specific needs, you will ultimately enjoy the automation of audio/video equipment in the luxury of your own home. Our company designs and implements based on your lifestyle and budget.

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