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Centrally control your Music, Video, Intercom and Security.  Imagine you’re listening to your favorite artists in the kitchen.  The phone rings and instantly the music mutes by itself.  The call is for your daughter who is in her second floor bedroom.  Simply page her through your phone and your voice comes out of her own room’s stereo speakers alerting her of the call.  Hang up, and your music comes back to normal volume.  Then the doorbell rings through the kitchen speakers.  Turn the TV on and you see who is at the door.  "A UPS delivery ? Just leave them there, thank you".

Never walk into a dark home again.  Home automation automatically initiates events such as lighting your home when you pull into the driveway or lowering the garage door that you accidentally left open.  It will even remind you to take out the garbage.  Seem like a better way to live?  We agree.  That’s why numerous homeowners have installed a Home Automation system from Sound Entertainment.

There’s an important advantage to a Sound Entertainment Automation system; they are as comprehensive or as simple as you need them to be.  Our integrated systems are assembled from the finest and most advance components to give you features you desire such as one touch lighting control, music and video in any room, voice mail, intercom and the ability to visually monitor entrances or rooms on any TV.  It’s high-quality music and video, it’s security, it’s phone and intercom, it’s the ability to control lighting and climate in any room and it expands as you need it to.  Sound Entertainment earned its reputation for engineering and installing comprehensive systems that operate instinctively and blend seamlessly with your needs and your home. Enjoy the convenience and security you and your family deserve.

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