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It’s been said that if your home was compared to a Monèt, your art, furniture and dècor would be the canvas, the lighting fixtures and the type of light you use would be the colors of paint, and the way you control that light would be the brushstrokes. A masterpiece is defined by all three elements. We are experts in brushstrokes.

Our lighting systems provide just the right amount of light for the event or task at hand with the touch of a single button. Gone is the need to adjust numerous switches and dimmers in search of the right mood.  For example a button labeled "PARTY’ might cue a series of wall scones to transform your living room into the perfect sitting area and set exterior lighting to allow your guests the best view of your home and walkways. At the end of the night, one touch of the "NIGHT’ button, turns off most of the lights, saving you time and energy.

Lighting control provides safety and security for your home.  You can Call your home as you enter the driveway. The exterior lights brighten, the garage door opens and a selection of lights illuminate pathways from the garage to the entry door. You have total control over your lighting from wherever you are inside your home as well.  A simple touch of the bedside keypad can bring all the exterior lights to full brightness, or turn off all lighting with the touch of one button. If your security system is triggered by a break-in or fire, the exterior lights can flash providing a visual reference for emergency services to easily find your house.

Sound Entertainment offers numerous lighting control systems, that can control one light, one room or your entire home. Proper design and installation of these products requires a continuous commitment in training.  Our installation teams are trained extensively each year through CEDIA and our other industry affiliations.  We’d be more than happy to discuss how lighting control can improve your home and your family’s safety.  Call us at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment.

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